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We provide practical advocacy for students.

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Who We Are

After 10 years representing state government and school districts with education law issues, Jinju Park offers an insider’s perspective to students and families. If you need help making sense of the confusing mess of government, schools, and insurance companies - call us. We can help you fix the problems at school that are getting in the way of your education.

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What We Do

Countermark Law PLLC puts clients first. We tailor services to each client’s needs and get the job done as efficiently as possible. Our virtual law firm keeps costs low and makes law accessible. It’s all about you.



cases handled

Everything education-related, including: legal advice or consultation, negotiating services at an IEP meetings, student discipline hearings, civil rights litigation, and appeals.



years of experience

Over ten thousand hours dedicated to school law.




Handling your legal problems so that you can focus on your education.


Some of Our Cases:


daycare and pre-kindergarten

Disability discrimination, harassment, and abuse are sadly too-common in daycares. A lawyer may be able to help if your child has been subject to mistreatment.

private schools or certificate programs

Private school students do not have the same protections that public school students do, but they have a contractual right to be treated fairly. Bait and switch is unacceptable.

elementary through high school

Special education, student discipline, injuries at school, bullying, sexual assault, and civil rights. Public schools are state actors and students have constitutional rights.

College and graduate schools

State colleges and private schools are very different organizations. While higher education students are presumed to be adults and more sophisticated, they still have protections under the law.